Sunday, 11 January 2015

Thank You & Goodbye

This isn't going to be the easiest blog post to write but from the title of this post as you may have guessed - I've decided to close Arc It Blog.

This is a decision I have been toying with for some months now and I wanted to explain to you all the circumstances of Arc It's end. When I first started this blog, I was unemployed due to health issues and wanted a project that I could put some positive time and focus into. Since there wasn't really any Arc information on the internet, I decided to fill the gap about this awesome new stationery line I had discovered.

I didn't know if it would be successful or if anyone would actually read it but over time it grew until it gained around 200+ readers. I was getting lovely comments and emails from Arc users all over the world. I sent parcels to places who couldn't get certain Arc products and in turn had awesome packages sent to me with the same. Ideas were shared, content was generated and over time with the help from all my readers, a really handy little resource was created for Arc users online. And I was really proud of what it had achieved and the many people who thanked me and the readers of Arc It for our help.

However, circumstances in my life have changed. Last year had some especially difficult moments that meant the blog had to take numerous hiatuses. But it also had some better moments, like my health recuperating enough for me to start work again and think about picking up my life where I had to leave it many years before. Content has been hard to create for this blog due to a complete lack of new Arc products in the UK in 2014 and genuinely running out of ideas for posts, hence the decision to expand into posts about other disc-bound systems and stationery.

Recently, I have found myself not really enjoying writing for this blog but feeling more obligated to do so. I thought some time off might help but sadly, I haven't gained any real drive or motivation to continue. Don't get me wrong - I still love Arc notebooks and continue to use them to this day. A lot more Arc content can now be found online via YouTube, blogs and social media so the big Arc shaped hole in the internet is now definitely filled!

I just feel the time is right - my lack of enjoyment and wanting to put time into moving my life forward has helped me come to the conclusion to finish. I will not be deleting this blog but instead, I will be leaving it online as a resource for people - it just won't be updated anymore.

I will be leaving commenting on this blog open for the next month or so but after that commenting will be closed so it doesn't became a spamfest and I don't have to moderate them. I'm still happy to offer people advice and help via email, but I'd prefer it if people contact Staples first as answering Arc emails isn't going to be my top priority. 

I am sorry to those of you who will be disappointed by this blog's closure, especially those who have recently found it! Please understand my feelings and hopefully you can use what will be left online as a reference for your Arc needs! Arc It will not be changing ownership as I am a little hesitant in doing so - not that anyone has come forward.

A huge thanks to each and every single one of you for your support, emails, comments, content, ideas, photos, packages and presents - I couldn't have done it without an awesome readership so genuinely - thank you.

If you want to keep in contact with me, you can continue to using I will have emails from that account forwarded to my main email account so expect replies from a different address. I am on Twitter but honestly, I don't like using it so emailing me is going to be your best bet.

Once again, a huge heartfelt thank you to you all for being a part of Arc It and my apologies for those who are feeling disappointed. I hope you all continue to keep organised and disc-bound and my best wishes and love to you all for 2015 and beyond!

Amanda xxxxx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous New Year! I know I haven't been blogging much recently (health/Christmas/birthdays/life keeps getting in the way!) but hopefully 2015 will be a bit more productive, positive and healthy for me - as well as all of you.

See you next year - fingers crossed we'll see some new Arc things in 2015!

Amanda xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

UK Arc Stock Update

Firstly, apologies for lack of updates - December is a very busy month for me (as it is for a lot of you I'm sure!) and my health has taken a bit of a beating in the last few weeks.

I've had a few emails recently from people saying they cannot get hold of the Arc punch at all. I've also noticed that the Staples UK website has very limited Arc products in stock. I was a bit worried about this, seeing lots of sold out Arc products - some of which have been unavailable for some time.

I emailed Staples UK and they told me that there is currently a supply chain issue with Arc products that they hope to resolve in early January. I hope this means that maybe we'll start seeing some new products to the range but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Arc Weekly Roundup (19/11/14)

Hypernotebook - Arc Compatible Ring Bound System?

I have a saved search on eBay that alerts me to any Arc items that are listed in the UK. A few weeks ago, it alerted me to a listing for something called Hypernotebook - a ring bound notebook that is compatible with Arc.

I purchased a black A5 one with blue rings out of curiosity as Google didn't provide any information on this "Hypernotebook".

The cover is transparent black and is a nice thickness. The paper looks like it's been removed from another notebook via perforations and isn't the greatest quality. But what interested me were the rings - not discs - but rings...

I haven't seen anything like this before, they're nice quality and work well. I like the idea that with a ring, you could hang something off them like a charm or a bookmark.

To be honest, this Hypernotebook looks like someone's attempt to make they're own ring-bound notebooks that work with Arc. Although the holes they've punched in the cover and paper are different from Arc, they are indeed compatible.

I found this a curious little find, I may contact the seller to find out more about these Hypernotebooks. I thought maybe some of you might find this interesting or can shed a little light about them. Leave me a comment if you know anything!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rollabind Discs UK

I just wanted to let my UK readers know that Stamps & Memories sell a lovely selection of Rollabind discs at decent prices. I've ordered a pack of Medium (0.5") Baby Blue (40 for £5.21) and Jumbo (1") Yellow (20 for £5.21). Finally getting some coloured discs - am so glad I found this website!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

REVIEW: #NoteShel - The Ultimate Post-It Note Holder

A short while ago, I was followed on Twitter by a new company called @NoteShel. They sell a product they described as...

"... a stylish, refillable Post-it Note holder and pen. The perfect note-writing solution at work, at home, for studying, and on the go."

I was intrigued not only as a stationery addict but more specifically - a Post-It note addict! So I checked out their website and was interested in this unique and potentially handy product. I asked if I could have one to review and they generously sent me one to try which I would like to review and share with you today.

NoteShel arrives in this tidy little package - it sits in a cardboard base and has a plastic slip-case around it. Very economical - I like this!

The product itself is made from a smooth, well moulded plastic in a neat, compact design. It measures around 13.5cm x 9.5cm so is a handy size, not too heavy or too flimsy.

Opening up the magnet-fastened case reveals the Post-It notes and a better look at the ballpoint pen. 

Everything can be removed for refill purposes and it all slots back into place and closes without issue.

The Post-Its aren't quite 3M quality but they're very nice, I did the stickability test and they don't curl up at the edges like some do so that's a big plus point. The pen is a little uncomfortable to write with, the metal piece you hold when writing feels a little thick and you can't see the nib clearly when writing which can make it a little tricky. However, this is coming from someone with dexterity issues with their hands so please bear that in mind! It is a well made pen though, it doesn't feel cheap and for writing quick notes it will get the job done.

Very importantly, the ballpoint pen can be refilled. It uses the G2 Parker style refill, readily available online although not via NoteShel's website. Cult Pens has an amazing selection and I'll always recommend them! The Post-It notes are 12.7cm x 7.5cm and I'm fairly certain I've seen this size sold before, in fact I think I may even have this size at work! Again, there are no Post-It refills available on NoteShel's website at the moment.

NoteShel is available in Fresh Green, Fuchsia Pink, Dusky Purple, Pale Blue and Flame Orange. They retail for £19.00 and are currently only available in the UK through NoteShel's website -

NoteShel is an interesting product, I think it's one of those items that if you have a purpose for it then it'll be a useful purchase. Personally, I'm going to use mine at work where I use Post-Its a lot to make quick, discardable notes that are cheaply replenished (as they contain sensitive information and need to be destroyed). 

The NoteShel holder itself is very well designed and high quality, although I think it would have been nice to have some 3M brand Post-Its inside rather than generic ones. I also feel the pen could be a little more ergonomic, although I am very glad it is refillable with a standard G2 ink barrel. It'd be nice if NoteShel offered refills in the future, although it is early days for them so they may do in the future!

I also feel that the £19 price tag is a little expensive although I do understand why these sorts of specialist products are the price they are. Perhaps it'll come down in future, maybe £15 would be more appropriate?

With Christmas coming up, I think this would make a nice gift for a stationery lover, student or perhaps a professional who wants something sleek looking? Honestly though, I don't think many people will shell out £19 for a phone pad or shopping list holder!

This is a specific product with a specific audience, a high-quality and well-made product that I hope will continue to evolve and improve. My criticisms are meant constructively as I understand this is NoteShel V1.0! I wish NoteShel every success and hope they continue to expand and thrive whilst offering more unique, handy little products!



FYI - I contacted NoteShel and asked for a sample product to review which they very kindly sent to me free of charge.